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Welcome to 4TherapyUK

Offering professional counselling services in and across Manchester.

Are you going through a difficult time in your life? Do you feel that no one understands you? Family and friends can be helpful but are often too emotionally involved to help you gain a clear perspective.

You are not alone! In fact every single year thousands of people seek out Counselling services, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Couples Counselling to name a few. Every year those very people find these services give them that much needed perspective to truly handle the vast number of problems and issues we all face in day to day life.

Every day, people get their vitality of life back.

At 4TherapyUK, we understand all too well the pressures of everyday life and as such provide a variety of services including Counselling in Manchester and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. All our counsellors are fully qualified, both male and female offering a highly professional Counselling in Manchester service to suit the needs of the individual. You!

We are stronger together.

One of the biggest myths is that therapy is a sign of weakness. Here at 4TherapyUK we feel the opposite is true, recognising that help is needed is a sign of strength, the ability to recognise that something can be done. The first step towards emotional well being.

During a counselling sessions we believe the relationship between the therapist and client is of the utmost importance. Ensuring our clients are completely comfortable and have such trust with their counsellor is our highest priority.

4TherapyUK is focused on providing a high-quality Counselling in Manchester, your well being is our prime concern.

For your No obligation consultation, Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our services.

To see more about any of our Manchester counselling services.  Our library is full of support links and articles and our news page up to date with the latest, this includes the launch of our new practice here in Prestwich and any special events that 4TherapyUK is hosting.

All content and services provide by 4therapyUK The Manchester counselling specialists.

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