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MPs Pass Restraint Bill To Protect Mental Health Patients

MPs in the House of Commons have passed a private member’s bill to prevent police using excessive restraint on mental health patients. The Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill received a third reading last Friday (July 6th), which means it will now go to the House of Lords for further consideration before it can be legislated. The bill, otherwise known as ‘Seni’s Law’ was introduced after Olaseni Lewis died in 2010 following an incident when 11 police officers used excessive restraint on him at Bethlem Royal Hospital. His parents are now fighting for other...

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Male Students ‘More Likely To Commit Suicide’

Male students in the UK are significantly more likely to commit suicide than their female counterparts, new figures have revealed. The latest data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows that male students are twice as likely to commit suicide, with figures from 2001 to 2017 showing that of the 1,330 students who died from suicide in that period, 66 per cent were men, the Guardian reported. However, Louis Appleby, who leads the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England, told the newspaper that the gender difference is not uncommon in cases of suicide and “what...

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Misconceptions About Ageing Highlighted

New research has revealed that there are many misconceptions about ageing in the UK, and that some younger people believe that becoming depressed or unhappy as you get older is inevitable. The study conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) revealed that 25 per cent of 18 to 34 year olds believe it’s normal for older people to be depressed and unhappy, while 30 per cent of the public in the UK believe “being lonely is just something that happens when people get old”. In its report: That Age Old Question, the RSPH makes a series of recommendations on how...

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How To Have A Long And Happy Marriage

It’s probably safe to say that no one gets married expecting it to end in divorce. But sadly, many relationships do finish this way - one in three in the UK in fact. If you’re just about to walk down the aisle, or you’ve recently tied the knot but want to make sure your partnership stays strong, what should you be doing? Psychotherapist Gad Krebs recently offered some advice to the Daily Mail, and one of his top tips was to never compare your relationship to that of other couples. He explained that some couples can appear to be completely in love on social media or in...

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Mental Health Awareness Week Highlights UK Stress Problem

So many Brits are suffering from a problem regarding stress and anxiety that the Mental Health Foundation has chosen to focus on this crisis during its Mental Health Awareness Week. Between May 14 and 20th, the country will see hundreds of events and campaigns take place to raise the profile of mental health issues, particularly regarding stress and how significant its impact is, ranging from depression to suicide. According to a recent study by YouGov, 74 per cent of those surveyed said they were so stressed they felt unable to cope. It also found that 51 per cent of stressed UK adults...

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