Couples ‘Should Seek Counselling Earlier’

Couples who go for counselling after one of them has been unfaithful have left things too late, one expert has claimed.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein explained that by the time someone has had an affair, it is often too late to save a marriage, but added that counselling can be very beneficial.

“Never feel ashamed for asking for help. This day and age relationships are a lot harder to have and we’re not all taught to know how to be in one,” she asserted.

Dr Goldstein said that, ideally, you’d go for couples counselling in Manchester before one of you is unfaithful. She explained that there are many different reasons why people have affairs and that this doesn’t have to be unforgivable - but it depends on how you want to deal with the situation.

She said that, if you find out your partner has been unfaithful, you should try to take a moment to digest the information rather than reacting emotionally and potentially saying or doing something you could regret.

If you can, you should talk about the “events in your relationship that led up to the affair”, because in many cases there will already have been cracks showing in the relationship, Dr Goldstein added.

Many couples even choose to have pre-marriage counselling, which can help them talk about big issues that they may face in the future. This can include everything from children to dealing with the in-laws. It can also help ensure that both of you have realistic expectations about your relationship and forthcoming marriage.


Couples ‘Should Seek Counselling Earlier’