Find satisfaction in your lifestyle choices

Day-to-day life can take its toll, and many people have found themselves falling into extremely negative emotional states because of stress creeping up on them. If you feel like you are on a hamster wheel and your mental and physical health has declined because of recent demands, help is available via wellness coaching in Manchester from 4TherapyUK.

A valuable energy boost

Wellness coaching has regularly been compared to life coaching. However, there are important differences between the two services. Wellness coaching has a bigger emphasis on health than life coaching, which is mainly focussed on motivation. It is designed to address many issues related to health and well-being and is ideal for those who would like to feel energetic and fit but have instead found themselves in a sluggish, tired and unfocussed state. Work isn’t the only thing that can leave us feeling like this. Money problems and issues related to home life can also contribute to feeling drained and lacking in zest. If you’re not sure you’re living the life you want to live and are ready to strive for me, we can assist you.

A four-part solution

Our Energy 4 Life Coaching was created to encourage you to make changes and become more aware of the causes of sluggishness and tiredness. There are four parts to this coaching: Energy Psychology, Energy Exercise, Energy Foods and Energy Balance. In the coaching, we explore release techniques and look at mind processes to see how long-term change can be implemented. We teach you how to stretch and move the body in yoga processes to boost awareness of the body and enhance blood flow and encourage you to make changes to your diet so the food you consume heals whilst providing higher levels of energy and vitality. We also focus on relaxation to improve energy flow and reduce stress.

Reaching your targets

Why not call 07542 269088 or send a message to today if you do require wellness coaching in Manchester? We have the experience, expertise and qualifications needed to help you achieve your mental, physical and emotional targets, so contact us today or explore to learn more.