How can gardening influence your mood?

For many years now we have been bombarded with information as to how to keep healthy. Gyms have been opening up all over the country, as we spend vast sums of money in the hope that exercise will keep us in good physical shape.

Of course, go back 60 years or more, all the exercise we took came in the form of our daily routine. Human beings have an amazing ability to bend, stretch, carry, run, walk, sit, skip, and swim and all these movements come quite naturally to most of us. Actually, not only does our body enjoy and need movement to keep it in good condition, so does our mind. When we are busy exercising, the brain will release endorphins, which give us a 'feel good' feeling. This is a natural high, which our brain produces and the more we exercise, the better we feel.

It's not surprising that depression is on the increase. If you look at the lack of daylight and exercise some people receive in a day, it's enough to change anyone's mood. Sitting behind a computer for hours on end, being cooped up in a building all day, along with the daily stresses of job and home, can often make people anxious and depressed.

Here at 4TherapyUK we understand the benefits of gardening. Being out in the open air, planting and shaping your own garden can give you a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, together with the physical exercise, this is so good for the body and mind.

Even if you don't posses a garden, many areas have allotments that you may want to join. Not only giving you a purpose and hobby, this can also improve your social life, as often, a group will be formed of allotment holders and social functions can be arranged.

For further information please go to Thrive believes in the power of gardening to help disabled people.

Beverley Sandler