How To Have A Long And Happy Marriage

It’s probably safe to say that no one gets married expecting it to end in divorce. But sadly, many relationships do finish this way - one in three in the UK in fact.

If you’re just about to walk down the aisle, or you’ve recently tied the knot but want to make sure your partnership stays strong, what should you be doing?

Psychotherapist Gad Krebs recently offered some advice to the Daily Mail, and one of his top tips was to never compare your relationship to that of other couples. He explained that some couples can appear to be completely in love on social media or in public, but in private “they’re completely dysfunctional”.

The key is taking the time to “build a happiness that is consistent with your personalities and your values”, he explained.

Another of his tips is to reach out for professional help sooner rather than later if you’re struggling. Mr Krebs said that working with a couples therapist can help give you a new perspective, and find new ways of dealing with conflict.

“Most people when they find themselves lost ask for help; businesses engage consultants and the sick visit doctors. Relationships should be no different,” he asserted.

Mr Krebs also cautioned couples who take advice on relationships from friends or family members. He noted that many people will offer “unsolicited” relationship advice, but he recommends “accept this advice and then ignore it”.

Even if what they’re sharing has brought them happiness in their marriage, that doesn’t mean it will work for you and your partner, he added.

Another relationship expert recently recommended that couples acknowledge when they need help earlier in their relationships, to prevent problems spiralling out of control. Dr Nikki Goldstein stressed that by the time one person has been unfaithful, it is often too late to save a marriage.

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How To Have A Long And Happy Marriage