Offering professional counselling services in and across Manchester

The issue of mental health has been big news recently, with various well-known figures talking about their battles with depression and anxiety. A new study says rates of anxiety and depression amongst the unemployed have risen by more than 50% during the past four years, with many government policies for the increase.

The UK Council for Psychotherapy said measures such as cuts and sanctions were “having a toxic impact on mental health”. Analysis from NHS surveys said that 15.2 of unemployed people said they were experiencing severe or extreme anxiety or depression.

Help is available for those in need of professional counselling services in or around the Manchester area. There are many counselling services in Manchester designed to address depression and anxiety and help clients move forward with their lives. Whilst many people choose to confide in friends and family members when they are experiencing anxiety and depression, this approach can be ineffective because the people closest to us are too involved in our situation to help us achieve the right perspective.

Experiencing anxiety and depression is nothing to be ashamed of. The stigma surrounding mental health issues has lessened to such an extent that growing numbers of people are now seeking out professional assistance. The best counselling providers offer a range of services for people experiencing depression and anxiety, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, wellness coaching and more. The services offered by counselling organisations in Manchester are designed to give clients a helpful new perspective and enable them to regain their vitality.

Those interested in obtaining counselling are encouraged to get in touch with their chosen service to arrange a consultation. During consultations with most counselling providers, highly-experienced and qualified mental health professionals aim to gain an in-depth understand of their clients’ situations in order to identify the most effective ways to assist them. The team have provided counselling services for people from all walks of life and are seeing an increase in enquiries recently as public attitudes towards mental health issues continue to shift in the right direction. There is a great deal of help available when it comes to professional counselling services in Manchester. 

Offering professional counselling services in and across Manchester