Panic Attacks

What actually is a panic attack? An attack is an acute feeling of anxiety and fear, which may occur suddenly. So what induces a panic attack? What do they feel like? How dangerous are they?

Some panic attacks can be brought on by focusing on a negative feelings or fear: this can be as far reaching as worrying about a presentation at work, or going into a crowded shopping centre. The nature of the fear is as individual as the person's thoughts. When one focuses on the fear, the fear becomes more intense.

The sufferer may feel an overpowering sense of anxiety and fear, thus causing the sufferer to hyperventilate, which in turn can cause:

Feeling dizzy or faint Fear of dying

Palpitations Sweating

Chest pains Shaking limbs

Pins and needles Feelings of loss of reality

Numbness of hands and feet Feeling sick

A panic attack can be extremely frightening; the sufferer may believe they are having a heart attack or stroke. Panic attacks in themselves are not lethal, but a person suffering from an attack may feel as though they are dying. A sufferer may prefer to avoid stressful situations, then face it full on and suffer an attack. Sometimes attacks may occur for no apparent reason; often stressful events, or if you are feeling over tired this can trigger a panic attack.

Fortunately there are ways to combat these feelings. Relaxation and the calming effect of deep and regular breathing  can reduce the dizziness and encourage a more relaxed state of mind. Understanding about your attack may be the key to give you some insight, and help you cope and relieve some of the symptoms, which you may have experienced before. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be very successful in combating panic attacks. By exploring what is going on for you, what is triggering your panic attack, and looking at ways to diminish these negative thoughts. A therapist would work towards giving the client information and tools, to help themselves, on a daily basis. Thus encouraging a more relax and happy outcome.

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Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks is not a new phenomena, it has been going since the begining of time. These days it seems to get more attention from the media because people are willing to talk about Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks. 

So what is a Panic Attack? This is usually brought on by feelings of fear, when we are afraid of our thoughts or situation, we will in turn produced more adrenaline to our system (fight or flight mode). This will cause us to feel ill at ease, we may feel dizzy, pounding in our chest, or a numbness. there are many side effects to stress.

So how do you get rid of it? It has been my expereince that not addressing the problem does not help, just encourages the situation. Working with a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapist)  and looking at what is causing the stress in the first place, then look at how we can reduce the thoughts around the situation, and finally giving the clients tools to manage their own thoughts. I personally have worked with many clients who have been suffering with these issue's for a while before they get help. Please don't put up with this state of being, it's your life and you deserve to be in control of what you thinking.  Beverley Sandler