What to expect when seeing a Counsellor

Do you know what to expect when you see a counsellor? Counselling sessions are designed to help those going through difficult times in their lives to improve their mental well-being, and you can expect your counsellor to approach you and your situation in a non-judgemental fashion. Many people approach counselling professionals after finding that well-meaning friends or family members don’t have the skills needed to give them the kind of support experienced counsellors can.

No need for shame

Thousands of people use counselling services every year. There is no shame in asking for help if you need it. Counselling can be used to treat people facing phobias, trying to deal with painful past and current events, people who wish to move on from unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, people struggling with low self-esteem and people facing challenges based around depression, stress and anxiety to give a few examples.

A better way

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. Embarking on your first counselling session is your first step to improving your well-being and coping with life more effectively. When you undergo counselling with 4Therapy, we will do all we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We believe that building up trust is essential if your sessions are to be effective. Representations of counselling sessions on television in films aren’t always helpful or accurate, and the reality tends to be much less dramatic than many people expect.

A chance to ask questions

In your first session, you may be asked why you sought therapy and what your expectations are. The therapist will ask for information from you so they can assess your situation and decide what the best strategy for helping you is. You will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you need to and you will be asked about your current life as well as your personal history. Your history plays a big role in your current state of mind and situation, so we do need to gain a detailed insight into your journey towards contacting us.

Outline your expectations and goals

You are encouraged to play an active role in the session so you can get as much out of the therapy as possible. You can expect us to create an open environment where you feel free to express yourself without holding back. One way to get as much out of therapy as you can is to make notes and create lists about your current feelings and aims prior to counsellingcommencing.

Don’t struggle alone

If you are no longer able to handle the emotional challenges presented to you by yourself, counselling may be the next step. Talking to someone who is not involved in your situation can be incredibly valuable and help you gain a more positive perspective on your situation. We will listen attentive and patiently so we can perceive your problems from your point of view and create solutions designed to help you see things more clearly. We can explore various aspects of your life with you and help you explore even the most intense of feelings to help you gain a better understanding and enable you to find a better way forward.

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