There may be times in our lives when we feel that events or issues are too much to handle by ourselves. You may have been struggling on your own for some time. Maybe you have talked to a family member or friend, but feel that they are too emotionally involved to have an insight or understanding of your problem. Talking over your problems with someone who is not closely related or involved can help you gain a clearer perspective, and therefore be tremendously helpful. By listening attentively and patiently, a counsellor can begin to perceive the problems from the client's point of view and can help them to see things more clearly, possibly from a different perspective.

Counselling does not involve giving advice or directing a client to take a course of action.

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In a counselling session a client can explore various aspects of their life, feelings, thoughts, behaviours, in a free and open way that is rarely possible with friends and family. Feelings such as anger, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, embarrassment, can become very intense and counselling offers an opportunity to explore them, and gain a better understanding.

Counselling provides a safe and confidential environment for clients to explore their issues. Here at 4TherapyUK our counsellors work to a strict code of conduct that is non-judgemental and supportive. Our counsellors are here to listen to what is going on for you, and support you on a positive way forward.

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