Couples Counselling

In this ever increasing sociality we live in, relationships have become a huge casualty. Working, meeting dead lines, child care, caring for the elderly, running a home, the list goes on. We can often take relationships for granted, not realising that our most intimate relationships need attention and care. At any time a relationship can suffer from lack of input and communication. Neglecting a relationship can cause heart break, low self esteem, and feelings of loneliness, and hurt. It can affect our health and our identity, when we feel our relationship is failing.

Whether married, in a civil partnership or living together in an intimate setting living as a couple.

When communication breaks down and both parties feel that they are not living the life they want, this is the time to look at what you both would need to move forward in a positive and understanding way.

It is not always easy to admit that there is a problem within the relationship. Some couples may feel couple counselling is a last resort, they may feel uncomfortable, and may not want to expose their problems to a complete stranger.

When counselling can help!

  • When you feel you are not listened too.
  • When you go round in ever ending circles.
  • When you are afraid to broach the subject.
  • When you are frustrated and confused at what is happening.
  • Your burden is too much to tolerate.
  • Out bursts of anger.
  • Trust has been broken.

Ideally couple counselling should be attended together, but this is not always possible. One partner may start counselling to look at making changes within the relationship. Looking at why they are having difficulties, and finding strengths, and resources to make life more acceptable. It may be that both parties are seeing their problems from completely different perspectives. Two people may have their own values and attitudes, and these differences need to be acknowledged and recognized.

Counselling gives couples a chance to be heard. To give vent to their issue's in a safe and confidential manner. By listening to each other, with the support of a counsellor, who is objective and encouraging, often solutions can be found for a better way of living.