Motivational Counselling

Motivational Counselling is a concept 4 Therapy UK is very proud to have developed, and in many ways is quite unique to us. Using a combination of techniques to map out and explore whatever is brought to the session, it allows a client to explore their inner thoughts to find the motivation to excel and be creative.

If you have ever felt you're stuck and can't seem to move forward, Motivational Counselling can help you to break the cycle and help you to be more dynamic.

Using a combination of counselling, life coaching and guided imagery, we can help you to help yourself to move forward.

The concept has been developed over the last few years as a direct result of the issues that people have asked us to help them with, such as depression, anxiety, fear, bereavement and life changes such as stopping smoking, addressing substance abuse and personal identity.

We have helped people advance in their career, set up their own business and find happiness in relationships.

Working to a six week programme initially looking at the client's needs.

Week One:

Getting to know the client

Week Two:

Setting goals - short, medium and long term

Week Three:

 Addressing blocks and turning negatives into positives

Week Four:

Readdressing goals, looking at the reality of wants and needs

Week Five:

Looking how views have changed and motivation has increased

Week Six:

Moving forward

After the programme has been completed, some clients choose to continue with our generic motivational work, benefiting form monthly sessions bringing anything they feel they need to explore.

Motivational Counselling has been very beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety by exploring the person and reconnecting with themselves.

Working with issues such as Domestic Abuse for example helps to identify and then break the destructive cycle we sometimes find ourselves in.

Working with identity issues can help to allow a person to realise their potential.

Depression and anxiety are very common issues we have addressed and help to break down the barriers holding us back.

Motivational Counselling can be delivered on a weekly, session by session format as well as in the six week programme and all sessions are tailored individually to the specific needs of each client.

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