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What we offer

4TherapyUK was created to offer a wide range of therapeutic and counselling services for individuals experiencing emotional crisis, and partners experiencing problems in their relationship.

We work on a face to face basis, with the objective to work towards a positive future, while working with issue's and looking at tools that will enable you to take control of your thoughts and feelings. We firmly believe that when adressing and talking about the issue's that are troubling you, together we can reduce you concerns, and work towards a happier life.

All our Manchester Counsellors, and Supervisors  are fully qualified and work within the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) guidelines. We can offer objectivity and confidentiality in a safe and supportive environment where you can honestly explore your problems and concerns.



Crisis intervention
Relationship breakdown
Low self esteem
Sexual abuse
Weight loss
Smoking Cessation
Family issues
Stress management
Work related stress

Anxierty issue's 

Counselling Manchester

One to One Counselling 
Motivational Counselling
Relationship Counselling
Group Counselling
Life Coaching

We also offer

General relaxation
Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss
Stress/Anxiety Management
Pain Control
IBS Management

Wellness Coaching


One to one
Work based


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Counselling Manchester, Cognitive Behaviour therapy, Person Centred Counselling and or Holistic therapy in Manchester.

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