Energy 4 Life Wellness Coaching

As we go about our daily living, rushing from one job to another, it may feel like we are on a constant hamster wheel, round and round we go, with little deviation on a daily basis. The everyday stresses and anxieties taking its toll on our health and mind.

The majority of us live out our lives being unaware of how we may be using or abusing our energy levels. We may want to feel fit and full of vitality, but often we find that we are stressed out, exhausted and tired. Financial issues, family problems and low self-esteem can all create an environment that can drain our natural energy resources. We are all born with energy, it's primarily the creation of all things. As children we except this and play, learn and exercise as a given right. As adults we may be aware that we may be low in energy, but apart from a good night's sleep or a holiday, we do very little about building up our own energy and vitality.
Are you living the life you want, or do you feel there could be more...

Energy 4 Life Coaching is to educate and encourage you to bring about change and awareness in creating a higher quality of life, together with empowering yourself to live the life that brings you calm, happiness and control.

We look at and work with the 4 major aspects of your life:

Energy Psychology:

Our thoughts and the power we give them, incorporating how we think, feel and behave. Exploring release techniques and mind processes are taught to offer profound and long term change.

Energy Exercise:

To learn how to stretch and move the body in yoga postures intended to bring about an awareness of your body which will increase your energy flow.

Energy Foods:

Looking at our nutrition, with the goal of bringing more energy and vitality to what we are ingesting. Bringing colour into our diet, and how food has its own healing energy.

Energy Balance:

Relaxation has a healing energy that promotes good health, and allows your immune system to self-regulate. Energy Balance reduces stress and encourages good energy flow.

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It could be the best decision you will ever make.