PD Drug Education

My name is Pete Dwan and I started drinking alcohol and using drugs at 13 years old. This spiraled out of control throughout my teens and into adulthood, where, at 22 years of age my liver stopped working. I lost 2 stone in weight, got jaundice and almost died.

I managed to turn my life around by getting involved with sport, namely Thai-Boxing. I went on to compete all over the UK and on an International level and ultimately went on to become the British Thai-Boxing champion.

10 Years ago, after being quizzed by my own kids about drugs, I realized because of what I'd been through, I was in a really good position to talk to kids about drugs and help them cut through all the false information that is promoted to them.I then went on to train as a drug lecturer.

Over the last Ten years and have personally spoken to over 83,000 people.
My Talk covers several areas

1) What is a drug
2) How the body deals with a poison and becomes addicted
3) What is Alcohol and why we don't think of it as a drug
4)How the central nervous system works in relation to drugs
5) How drugs can affect the mind
6) Long term effects of drug use
7) setting goals and getting a natural high

I have delivered to all year groups as young as y5/y6 all the way up to college levels. Ive even delivered in several prisons in Ireland.
I find that by not telling someone what to do but simply giving them the basic true facts empowers them to make an educated decision in regards to drugs .

I now have a campaign to reach as many kids as possible by having local funders sponsor one of my DVDs of the talk in to schools in their area.
The cost as been kept to a minimum to make it possible to reach as many schools as possible .

The cost to place a DVD in ten schools is 80.
Each one will have a label on it acknowledging the sponsors .

Each DVD if used once will reach on average 60 kids so for 80 we would hope to reach around 600 kids with this vital information.
If you would like to sponsor some schools in your area please go to http://www.drugfreekids.co.uk/donate/

Or to contact me directly for more information email me at druglecture@gmail.com