Personal Developement Seminars

Here at 4 Therapy UK we are always looking at ways to help and improve people's lives.

Our Personal Development Study Groups are programmes we have devised which looks at how your mind works, and bringing in an awareness of human behaviour, taking you on a journey of self-discovery and self-motivation.

The programme can include directed topics for conversation or personal issues, and looks at how one can be more aware and have a better understanding of ones' self, while encouraging personal growth and positivity, providing tools for considering new ideas and options.

The programme will be two hours long, with light refreshments in the interval. We encourage all attending to fully participate in the fun exercises and dialogue, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  All are welcome, clients and non-clients alike.

The total cost is £20 per person and this should be paid at time of booking.

For futher infomation please give me a call on 07542 269088 always happy to hear from you. Beverley

To book your place, please text/phone us on 07542 269088 or email us at:


Beverley, Steve and Ali