What is ...... Supervision?

Supervision is a formal contract where a counsellor and supervisor will meet to discuss a counsellor's workload. Supervision is no longer exclusive to the counselling profession and is used in many professions where demands on emotional well being are considerable.

The amount of supervision needed is dependent on many factors, including the level of experience of the counsellor, the number of clients being seen, and the intensity of the workload. Considering these and many other factors, the amount of supervision to be undertaken needs to be regularly reviewed.

Reflecting on practice and looking at areas of work that challenge us, continually develops, maintains and monitors a counsellors emotional health and their ongoing professional development.

As well as establishing the amount of supervision needed, it is imperative a counsellor seeks a supervisor who will meet their own needs and those of their clients.

At 4TherapyUK, all of our therapists are committed to regular supervision with the aim of enhancing their practise, and we have two qualified supervisors.

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