Virtual Therapy

We can all benefit from the use of modern technology and the internet. At 4 Therapy UK we are committed to using and offering the most effective and convenient way of communicating with our clients, whether that's face to face or via SKYPE through your computer, laptop, i-phone or other devices.

Using SKYPE is not always the ideal option due to connectivity and/or broadband speed etc., however it does offer an alternative option if travelling or time is an issue.

Using a device with a camera can allow us to talk face to face, if not we can still speak or even use text. At 4 Therapy Uk we see this as a way forward offering our clients more options.

We have been using SKYPE for over a year now and many clients have found it a good way to stay in touch. One client had to live abroad for several months to set up a new part of his business in Indonesia, but was keen to continue his counselling sessions. Thanks to SKYPE we carried on with his weekly sessions, sometimes via audio only and this allowed him to move forward in his life. Since his return to the UK, we sometimes use Skype to talk when time has been short for travelling to the office and also when the weather has been bad.

Skype also allows us to reach out to and offer our services to people who are unable to travel or leave home due to disability, illness or phobias.

At 4 Therapy UK we recognise that busy lives can limit our time for ourselves. We also use SKYPE for supervision sessions too and have found this beneficial when working around a busy work schedule.

If you need any further information, please contact us.